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Jesus Shark Vol. 1

November 22, 2009 Leave a comment
Welcome to The Jesus Shark.. a weekly editorial by yours truly, discussing news and events in the world of Canadian Hip Hop.

The format is easy..

1. INTRODUCTION~~ This is where I will tell you where my head is at coming into editorial.

2. NEWS AND EVENTS~~ Stuff Id like to discuss, and things taking place I feel you should know about.

3. ALBUM BREAKDOWN~~ I will take one album a week, usually one that has been submitted to me.. and break it down for you, on why I feel it is good. Or bad.

4. FUCK YOU~~ A short description of something or someone that pisses me off.

5. THE 7. ~~ 7 Songs that are currently getting play in my Ipod, that you should check out. Old, New.. whatevers clever.


Its wet out. Like stupid wet. Which is all too perfect right now, since I have a nasty habit of wearing my shoes to the bone, with tiny holes that flood my feet with the cold rain. And now that Im out during the day hitting the pavement trying to find work, lets just say it really sucks to be my feet right now.

Hometime is becoming less fun as well.. usually hours on the phone and net setting up different projects, and any downtime I get Im usually eating a sandwich, watching Family Guy and going through the hundreds of promo CD’s that people throw at me, and to be perfectly honest I give a listen to ALL of them.. always. Even the ones with looseleaf paper covers, and blank text on the CD. Which are 9 times out of 10 straight up garbage. (Note to Artists : Put some love into your promo CD’s for fuck sakes)


The Rugged Man tour was here on Thursday.. dope night from what I can recall, although both opening acts were performing minus a member ( Illypros and Brass Tackz). And Rugged almost seemed polite on stage, minus frequent stoppage to adjust the sound. But when youre a legend in the game like Rugz is, you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want and we’re still gonna cheer. Best part for me (and others I learned after) was him spitting his classic verse from the “Uncommon Valour” joint he did with Jedi Mind Tricks. Pleasent and unexpected surprise.

Theres a group out of Van that Im officially jumping on the bandwagon with.. The Shottas. I had the opportunity to share the stage with these guys last July in Vancouver at the Modern. MNL. (And by the way can we get a “big up” in here to the man Emotionz for holding down Monday Night Live every week.. seriously.. if you see this man, buy him a fucking beer..or 10.)

The Shottas are embarking on their full length release “I Am The V”.. and with their latest video release “Infinity”, produced by the homie D-Rec.. I think theyre about to set the bar for the rest of us. 2 Young boys with giant afros, splicing reggae/rock/rap with a deep space theme? If you get an opportunity to check their live performance, do it. They tear the stage to pieces.

I urge you all to check this out.

Its called The Make Music Project. Its a guild of willing artists working together to take back control of the music industry.. and funding youth co-ops in the process. Hit this link, do the homework, and report back to us in the morning.

Brass Tackz dropped their free album download last week, “The Outfit”.

And dont forget Young Sin of BT, also dropped his solo release. “Who I Am”
Shout outs to the boys Wordsmith and Gregory Rhymes, dropped their free EP download “For The Fuck Of It”.. featuring Apathy, Reef The lost Cauze, Eternia, King Magnetic and countless other heavyweights.. Say what you want about these boys, they are forces to be reckoned with when it comes to the rhyme game.

And big ups as well to the man Fortunato from Angerville.. this is one of his singles off his upcoming solo effort “Broken Bones Shattered Dreams”

Codyyyyy The Catch.. my good brother, what have you gotten yourself into this time? Its pretty known that Chuch Norris is a good friend of mine, so Ill keep all bias aside, and spare you the dealings of it. But it is also a touchy subject of police brutality.. and one that we should all be aware of. Did he deserve it? No. Did he act like a solid citizen? No. But we still urge you to take part in creating awareness of the age-old problem, of cops being dicks.

Id also like to announce me and Alektra Blue are getting married. Thats right boys.. stay the eff away from my wife.


Ive decided to skip this one for the week.. Id like to get my feet wet (no pun intended) before I royally piss someone off. But check next week as I will be discussing Subway’s “On The Right Track”.. recently re-released to Itunes.


This weeks FUCK YOU is pointed directly at “Facebook Chat”. How fucking annoying is this? You get on, you attempt to check your messages and what-have-you, and bing.. 2 people attempt to talk to you.. all using multiple sentences like ” Hey. How have you been stranger. Lol. Hows life. Lol. Everything okay. Lol. Lol. “.. And then the moment you get a chance to type something back.. you get this yellow and blue little pop up that says “sending”.. Seriously.. I like Facebook for its voyeurism.. It used to be, no one ever really knew if you were online or not.. you could go in and check your shit, and slip back offline like a fucking ninja. Now as I go on, the whole shit freezes. Fuck you Facebook Chat. Fuck Facebook too, really.

THE 7.

7. Eternia – “Evidence”
6. The Shottas – “Infinity”

5. Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys – “Empire State of Mind”

4. Eyedea & Abilities – “Smile”
3. Brass Tackz – “Find Out”
2. De La Soul feat. MF Doom – “Rock Co Kane Flow”
and The Number 1 Spot??

He’s back..

1. Chino XL- “Naaah”

So thats it. Let me know what you think, welcoming all suggestions and feedback.

Fuck Facebook Chat.

~The Mighty Apos