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Vol.2 – Jan 29th 2010

So once again I find myself involved in 30-40 projects.. none of which have the promise of being wrapped up soon. Im back to the 9 to 5, Im constantly tired from not eating properly.. and Im on the receiving end of brutal migranes which is probably from the alcohol consumption but I prefer to think its from yapping on the phone and squinting my eyes at text messages.. Im weathered, but I vow to get where Im going. Im a professional. Not too sure a professional what.. but a professional none the less.

Today’s theme is professionalism. Whats it mean to you? To me it means being structured, organized and dedicated to what it is you do. Some people claim its being “the boss”.. some might say its about being better then others.. but if you take a look at music today, you’ll likely notice that its the professionalism in how people conduct themselves that seperates the wolf from the coyotes.. or maybe the pack from the heard?.. Whatever.. it makes good look good from bad.

I had the pleasure of checking out the Sweatshop Union last week.. Been a fan for years.. have even met most of them in random spots, but never had the opportunity to catch a live performance. And Im glad that I did.. Sweatshop embodies one of the hypest live sets you could imagine. The passion of each ones delivery, combined with the collective energy they possess and feed off each other is nuts.. Hey guys, did you hear that girlie screaming from midfloor? Yep that was me.

What got me too about this night (well Im sure the shots of jager helped) was the opening acts.. Okay City was a new name to me, but not one Ill be forgetting anytime soon.. straight up they fucking killed it. And local boys Pocket Kings did a wicked job of setting the night off.. PK’s doing their thing. Consistent live performances with new sets each time.. Heard they might be doing their own tour soon.. Make sure you check for em.. And check this out, first single off “Unnatural Disaster”, shot by Darryl Lecraw.. (and featuring a hobo cameo by the Jesus Shark himself.. gimme my Oscar bitches).

All bias aside, I strongly urge everyone to check this out.. Anyone that knows Subways back story, and knows the effort that went into this can agree that this is a landmark for VI Hip Hop. Which rapper can say they didnt have dreams as a child of appearing on RapCity?.. This is good for ALL of us.

Professionalism.. Son Real is a cat I met a few years back.. he just dropped his album “The Stroll” and is touring like a mofawka. Check his first single: http://www.vimeo.com/7836715.


Snak The Ripper has become one of the biggest things out of Vancouver since crystal meth and gang beatings.  He’s been all over the place, making a lasting impression wherever he goes.. and if you think its just because of his debauchery then you dont know much. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Snak, about life in the rap biz.. and his upcoming tour in Spain.

What up killa..? First and foremost how did you get the name “Snak”?

I changed my graffiti name for legal reasons in 2002. I decided on Snak cause I like the letters, and the placement in terms of over all structure. I always liked to write that shit all symmetrical. Keep my S and my A similar, and the N and the K similar. I’m baked. When I started rapping, I added ‘The Ripper’. It just seemed right.

Whats the story behind “Brass Tax”.. how did you guys form?

The three of us have been touring together for the past half year or some shit. We developed a wild fucking stage show together. I don’t know. I just work with people that grind as hard as me, and both these dudes are beasts. So while on the road we started recording ”The Outfit”, and dropped that shit for free on halloween. We just recorded the first single from the full length BT album.. the songs called ‘Waiting’. It’s not anything like any of us have ever done. Shit is crazy. All three of us have our own styles, methods and dynamics to offer to the artistic and business sides of Brass Tackz. Three is better than one. ADD US: http://myspace.com/brasstackz

Congratulations on your upcoming tour in Spain..thats fucking sick. What do you look forward to the most while youre there?

Im just looking forward to going man. I don’t know what to expect. Im not even too excited. I won’t think about it till I’m at the airport. Then it’ll all hit me at once. I just can’t believe this shits gotten to a level where people all around the world know and like my music, and are willing to fly me to their country to see me perform. The shits crazy. Im gonna tear that place apart!

You and Sin better run with the bulls..and tape it.  What would you say is your favoriate song youve written/recorded?

It hasn’t been recorded yet! Im hella picky man, I’m never fully pleased with my songs after listening to them a few times. Some songs are good and some suck. It’s just the way it works. It keeps me hungry. I always try to one-up myself on my tracks. If I was pleased, my songs would be boring, cause I’d be lazy. Which I’d also like to add, YES, I did a song called ”Lazy”, but I asure you, with rap I am not. My favorites are the fan favorites. What’s Your fav Apos?

“Watch me Flex” is a certified banger.. but to me “No love” off the Fatt Snak record is a fucking anthem.. What kind of music do you listen to besides your own?

I listen to everything. Most of my time is spent listening to instrumentals. Im addicted to rap beats bad. I might need an intervention. I have so many bangers from so many talented producers. I don’t even know where to start. I listen to them while Im high off that nurple and this weird feeling comes over me. I like music. When you hear a song that gives you goosebumps.. that shits the best.

How much do you credit your internet networking and promotion to your success today?

The internet plays a large part in my career. I don’t add people on these sites. I let them add me, that way they know what they are getting into. It also prevents me from ‘spamming’ stuff to people that don’t want it. In the music business, I am a product, and I’m fully aware of that. I know my fan base, and what they like. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it! I think that having access to my fans and supporters is crucial. I value them, and their opinions on my content.
Lets chat! CLICK HERE: http://myspace.com/snaktheripper

Your shows are notorious for being off the wall.. What would you say is one of the craziest things youve seen at one of your shows?

I’v seen fights, people getting bottled, girls making out, bare boobies, crowd surfing, topless girls and dudes with anger in their eyes, beach balls, bouncy balls, Speakers on fire cause my verse was way too hot (seriously). I saw a girl clear the whole floor out cause her armpits smelt like week old burger king onions. That shits the worst, I couldn’t even concentrate on my lyrics cause it stunk so bad. Young Sin ran off stage to the washroom and got the bathroom butler to give him the axe body spray. He walked up to her and said ”use this shit!!” ahahha!

If you could work with any producer (still alive).. Who would it be?
I like working with producers. If you are a producer and got them bangers locked up, send em over to uncle Snakky and we’ll see what we can do. I like beats. Producers are my favorite people in the whole wide world.. if they are good that is.

When not writing, recording or performing.. what does a guy like Snak do in his spare time?

I like eating and sitting on my couch. Thats what I do after work. I have a 9-5 job, and its pretty chill. I been there long enough that I make a decent hourly wage, and really don’t do much work at all. Plus they are understanding towards my music career and offer me all the time I need for touring and shit. Its nice to have that freedom to come and go whenever I please. Most of my time at home is spent planning and organizing, setting up studio sessions, setting up shows and designing posters and album art. I keep busy.

Whats next in the career of Snak The Ripper.. what should we be on the lookout for?
Im not sure exactly what comes next. I’m just going to keep pushing and releasing new material. Tour as much as possible, and learn as much as I can about the business. I’v learned so much in the past six months, I can only imagine where I’l be at in the next year or so. As long as people continue to buy my music online, I’l continue to make new shit.



This weeks fuck you is directed at the douchebags.. in fact for those that follow me on Facebook know that me and a few others have devised an entire ” Stop Being A Douchebag” movement..(SBAD).

Fellow rappers who hate on other rappers because of show bookings.. for the people that refuse to come to shows for artists theyve never even heard.. for those that do come but just stand there and frown..

Youre a fucking douchebag. The only way were gonna raise the level of our scene is support.. you dont need to neccessarily like something for it to be good.. theres tons of local talent in each city in this nation.. Its beautiful and your negative comments and energy only takes away from your own enjoyment, and the motivation for struggling artists. If yopu come to my show and youre not happy? Ill return your money, and work harder. You come back a 2nd time and youre still frowning? Im charging double. Stop being a fucking douchebag. Fuck you.


And ladies and gentlemen.. here is your 7.

7. La Coka Nostra – “Thats Coke”

6. The Knux – “Cappucino”

5.  Royce the 5″9 – “Shake This”

4.  The Crest – “Heart Shaped Box”

3. Mac Lethal – “Black Widow Spider”

2. Akrobatik – “Step It Up”

And the number 1 joint in my Ipod right now..? Perfect to get high and drunk to and give a big middle finger to your ex..

1. Get Busy Commitee – “I Dont Care About You”

So thats it for this week.. I do apologize for the delay, but that will be the last hurdle ever.. Big thanks to everyone on board and we will be back in 2 weeks for a Valentines special, Jesus Shark vol.3.

Any ideas or questions, please hit me at themightyapos@gmail.com

~The Jesus Shark

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