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Vol.3 – April 2nd 2010.

Im fucking busy. Period. Capital Period. In between working on the album, calling out douchebags, and crunching out the details of my future..I come home to discuss film ideas with my production crew/roomates. I cant complain one bit, this is the life that I chose, and I greatly appreciate the team I have around me. But none the less, sometimes I just want to rip my shirt off, paint my face gold, and go running down the street and kick birds. Welcome to the life.

Its been a jampacked few months..so much on my plate, and helping feed others is no easy task. But when youre born half jesus, and half shark. You gotta give back to the world. Ive hit that line where theres no turning back..this is it. Theres a lot I want to share in my own personal endeavours..but this blog is not about that, Its about shedding light on the lesser known areas of Canadian Hip Hop..its about letting you guys know whats happening. I was having trouble thinking how I could reach that balance..

So I decided..the best way to get away with self promotion, is to simply interview myself.

Jesus Shark on The Mighty Apos with 7 questions. SBAD.


1. “Apos..did your dumbass really drink a shotglass filled with sweat from Pressure’s shirt he performed in?”

Yes. And it was fucking disgusting..and hilarious. Hilltop Hoods is among or even THE biggest group(s) to ever come out of the Australian music scene.. with parts excellent production, thoughtful and sometimes humourous lyrics, and a raw passion of the purity of the Hip Hop game..Hilltop Hoods bring a live performance that is un-met by any other performer in the world. Period.

Meeting these cats was a definitely a monument to me.. Very grounded, very focused..and know how to have a good time.

Check http://www.hilltophoods.com and then http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilltop_Hoods .

And then treat yourself to the reading you just did, and watch how mad sexual cunts do it.


2. “Are you at all up to date with Fatt Matt and DJ Moves?”

Answer: Probably not. These guys are across the map with it, and giving my own analysis of it may be a bit futile. What I CAN say is..Ive had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Fatt Matt a few times, and he is one of the most  awesome and down to earth cats Ive had the opportunity to meet, bar none. His rugged delivery and intricate rhyme scheme shits on a lot of so called “lyricsts”..and thats on the real. In short..YOU dont put it together like Matt.

Moves is a legend in the game..and Im honoured to say he has a beat on my upcoming project..but one thing I can gather from Moves..is if you dont KNOW Moves..dont TALK about Moves. All I can offer is some weblinks to his work..and even then I think I might be not even nearing the epicenter. I can feel his menacing glare right now.. http://www.discogs.com/artist/DJ+Moves

Fatt Matt and DJ Moves paired up for an EP last year entilted “Rusty Hooks”..and they were generous enough to let
it be downloaded for FREE at  http://neferiu.bandcamp.com/album/rusty-hooks-digital-12?autoplay=true

And released a highly creative video for the self titled single directed by Matt Reed.


3. “What the fuck is up with Langdon Auger..he’s one of the biggest stars out of Victoria??”

Visit http://www.langdonauger.com/ . Langdon released the classic single “Island Nites in 2004”..gaining him rotation on Vancity’s 94.5.

Since then he did a productive amount of singles including a few albums.. One of which was 2009’s “InAugeration”.. Which featured one of MY favoriate Victoria anthems ( among others) “The Same Girl”..

For the “Oh Tenny Tenny”.. Augz released a FREE FREE FREE Ep for download featuring “Desperado” .. Cop it. Because if theres one I know for sure about Augz.. He’s got a trick up his sleeve..right next to the jiffy marker.



4. “Do You follow KOTD?”

I ABSOLUTELY  follow KOTD. Although given my region, I feel I have no right to even speak on KOTD.

“King Of The Dot ” is a league of rap battle championships based out of Ontario, and has grown to each coast of Canada, even hitting Vancouver, and involving names like Emotionz and Manik. Like I said, this is out of my league so I wont touch on it too much..but you should follow the website and youtube channel and watch the SHIT that is happening right now..Wow.

If you feel up-to-date, hit me up..my favoriate thing in the world right now is sitting back with some food and watching what transpires in this battle infrastructure. Im serious..hit me up. Lets talk about our favoriate moments, and participants.

Just let it be known..this has been a CPR and a major staple to Canadian Hip Hop..as  a whole.

In the meantime check out http://www.kingofthedot.com and take a day to bump it loud and fullscreen and sit back
with http://www.youtube.com/user/KingOfTheDot

5. “What should we be on the look-out for?”

Check out the homie Evil’s upcoming release ” Evil Eye”.. and hit http://www.myspace.com/evildraftdodgers.. He just released his first single ” Take me with you” produced by Stu Ray.This isnt the first time these guys paired up to unleash incredible music.. Some of you might be familiar with this :


Coming out of Calgary is an up and coming cat named Methix. Dude is a beast and taking things his own way and bringing back the “DIY” approach. He just released an ENTIRE album for FREE FREE FREE download, and you can recieve it quicker then it takes to even finish reading this sentence. And I suggest you do. Click http://methix.bandcamp.com and get an AMAZING album from front to back.. for FREE.



Out of Courtenay and Vancouver, comes a collective group under the name Broken Logic. These dudes are killing it lately and are set to release their first self-titled album. You can check the singles “Get out my Way” featuring The Shottas and The Scale Breakers, and ” No Gain” featuring RCThaHazard right here http://www.reverbnation.com/brokenlogicvancity
Rex, Beyond and Ill Tone remind me of what its like when music is “good”.. rare case these days.

If youre looking for an interesting look at Hip Hop and the eclectic mix of song and graffiti culture, be sure to check out http://www.alwaysfreshmag.com . And make sure you tune into “Sound Foundation”..an online radio show, hosted by DJ K-Flip. Real fresh sounds, and less talk and commercials..what a real Hip Hop station should sound like.

And one group Im really on the lookout for right now, is a group out of Ottawa, Ontario and currently touring across this great nation of ours.. Philly Moves. If you live in Canada..their coming to your city pretty quickly. Make sure you check them out. http://www.myspace.com/phillymoves


6. “So what do you have coming up?”
6. “So what do you have coming up?”

Well Im glad you asked, Apos. April 7th I will be performing in Victoria with thee legendary Del The Funky Homosapien.. August 8th Im in Courtenay at The Avalanche with JB1, Mass 777, Skulastic and more. April 15th Im in Nelson BC with Emotionz and The GroundBreakers.. April 16th check us in Kamloops with The Ground Breakers, Philly Moves, SirReal and  The Ause Crew..and then April 17th were back to the island in Nanaimo with SirReal and Philly Moves..

I personally call it the “Because We Can” tour..

7. “Do you really think pretending to interview yourself is gonna compensate your shameless self-promotion?

Does it really fucking matter at this point.. ?

The “Fuck You” portion has been upgraded to “Stop Being a Douchebag”.. and now comes with its own cartoon
courtesy of Flo Corbett AKA The Apostle Fish.

Dont forget to cop your SBAD Gear! http://www.cafepress.ca/fundmyzombie/7101693


And now ladies and fellers.. here is your 7.
7.  Joey Stylez – “Kool Runnin”


6.  Grouch and Eligh feat. Gift of Gab and Pigeon John – “All In”


5.  Son Real – “Who Am I”


4.  Styles Of Beyond – “Be Your Dog”


3.  Mr. Lif – “The Sun”


2. Tame One and Del The Funky Homosapien – “FlashBack”


and here it is..your Number 1. Courtesy of the grimiest cats in the world..
1. SlaughterHouse – “The One”.


There it is..dont forget to stay involved in The Make Music Project (http://www.themakemusicproject.com) , and to keep supporting your local artists..

Its bigger then Hip Hop.

Im gonna go back to my workload..and be who I be. May you do the same.

~ The Jesus Shark.

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