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Jesus Shark Vol.4 – May 15th 2010

May 15, 2010 1 comment

I am not a Weed person. Not to say I havent ever been.. I think most of my high school days consisted of getting blazed at lunch and heading to English class, where I spent most of my time laughing..By MYSELF. I even recall getting asked to leave a few classes because my clothes smelt like Weed. The thing with marijuana and me.. is that I go so off into my own world that I leave Earth. Everythings funny. And then when I realize Ive left Earth..I panic. Oh Weed..youre a beautiful scented bastard.

Marijuana and Hip Hop go hand in hand..actually in most music I should say. I dont think the foundation of Reggae and all its new 2k sub genres would even exist if Marijuana had not. But with Hip Hop, its a like a peace pipe. People smoke it at shows to let loose..often smoking it inside the venue to show support for the performers. The performers often smoke it outside to show love to the crowd. Whether Emcee/DJ/Producer/Graffer/Breaker.. almost all of these people will smoke Weed to help them create something. People often smoke it with each other, just as an offering of respect. Its a fact..people smoke it..and appreciate one another. And its not decriminalized.. Alcohol is somewhat legal..and probably a thriving force in EVERY MURDER EVER.. anyways..age-old debate.

I dont smoke the shit.. but I did tonight. Because this volumes theme is WEED.

Free Marc Emery. And get me a slurpee.


First things first.. let me give a HUGE shout out to my boy Konfidential. Kon has been making waves lately, performing all over BC with his partner-in-rhyme Skulastic.. rocking parties, and huge ass shows such as the Tech Nine festival  a few months ago in Black Creek. He was introduced to me a few years ago as a “grinder”, and I have never had any inclination that hes been anything else.
Konfidential just nailed a LANDMARK this week, for himself..his friends..and basically for Canadian Hip Hop as the video for his smash hit “Get Em” just landed rotation on MUCHMusic`s RapCity.. a dream we ALL have.

Peep the video here.. and then make sure you hit the request lines on MuchMusic to insure that this video STAYS playing, for every viewer in North America to enjoy..
“Get Em”- featuring Evil Ebeneazer, Scale Breakers, Snak The Ripper and DJ U-Tern.

Produced and Directed by Stuey Kubrick.


Unless youve been living under a rock for the last 8 years, or perhaps smoking some..Youve most indeed heard the name Emotionz come by. Whether it be from his high energy live performances, his fuel injected tracks, or maybe youre from Van and you came to check out a Monday Night Live (RIP).. Whatever have you, when you meet Emotionz, you dont forget Emotionz. Either from his mind altering beatbox loops, or just the fact hes like the nicest guy youll ever meet.
Dude is a beast..and one of VanCitys legends, a constant innovater, and a leader of the new free world. (Okay..the Weed is definitely starting to kick in..but seriously. If Aliens attacked our planet, Id vote Dave to lead the human resistance).

Check his new video from his latest album “Kush”. Produced by The Stylust.


And speaking of aliens.. how many of you guys are familiar with the lifeform Mickey D? Calling Earth city Vancouver his headquarters.. MD dropped an EP recently that I think is definitely worth a mention.
Combining his booming voice over his own superb production, MD brings about a storyline that if youre into Hip Hop with should take the time to check it out.
Hit the Itunes link muddatruckaz.



Im definitely feeling the connection of Rap and Weed..

I love my hometown of Victoria BC.. its beautiful. I can honestly say that during the summer, it is the best place on this planet to be.. Underneath it all is a society of people that thrive on Arts and Music. Its a place that many names call their hometown, such as Swollen Members..Nelly Furtardo..Steve Nash and countless others. The Hip Hop scene here is a bit tricky at times..but it is indeed alive and well.

Enter the Outright Cypher..

Outright started simply as 4 friends who decided to meet up weekly to spit each others new rhymes, freestyle about whatever they wanted.. and yes, to smoke the green stuff. A few years in its existence and it has grown into one of Victorias biggest Hip Hop movements, as every Wednesday behind Vic High School, you can catch anywhere from 20 to 30 people partaking in the scene..they do traditionaly..form a circle and pass the rhyme along. Something to be really respected in this dying age of human interactment, as it gives people a chance to bond..A chance to see others new rhymes..and a place for new comers to the city to come and express themselves and not have to worry about being battled out of the circle. Its also been a plank for this cities new talent to rise birth to such names as The Pocket Kings..IllanI..TBA..CFC.. and manyy others. I myself like to partake in this when Im availabile, its really refreshing to see the roots of Hip Hop still alive. Word Is Bond. (Fuck Id love to bring back that phrase.. in fact I may do so.. Back then, when you said word is bond..cats were like “okay..dude is serious”..Fuck it, Im bringing it

Theres a new video from my dudes Tokin and Aleph from TBA.. Id like yall to check it out, and please drop some comments
and get back to me..let me know what you think!

And dont be one of those clown ass rappers thats trying to see who directed it, or get a scowl on your face because you see someone local in the back of the video you dont like.. Stop being a fucking douchebag. Enjoy the music.



If youre an avid reader of the Jesus Shark..then you know that last issue I wrote some things about the group Broken Logic and their release “The Weed EP”.. Well it seems I know what the EFF Im talking about, because since then, even such sites as Grounded TV have been behind this release. Hit the link and get your copy of the EP:

And then watch this!


I met The Shottas about a year ago. I was invited to perform at an MNL in Vancouver by Dave “The Leader of the Free World” Nelson.. as usual there was 9 to 10 acts on the bill.. some included MD, Politic Live..Mishap and Phonickz.. and there was this glaring name on the flyer. Shottas. Now I wont lie to you people..I had never heard of these guys, and didnt even know what “Shottas” meant”. To me it was on some “Shotta Top Calla Balla” thing.. Pardon my ignorance.. I just simply didnt know.

I rolled to Vancouver in a truck driven by a lady friend who promptly stranded me in Van after she spotted making out with another lady at The Modern.. I was also in the raw end of a recent breakup with another lady.. My head was frazzled that month and I think it came out in my own performance that night.. Anyways-

I saw The Shottas take the stage..and I was taken back a bit.. 2 dudes in large afros..almost looked like brothers. I was seriously like “”.. and then they proceeded to deliver one of the most powerful performances Ive ever seen. Smooth..rugged. Entertaining. Never missing a beat..even when they played for the camera, and at one point Atlin was standing on top
of the bar with a crowd of ladies throwing their hands up to him..

And I realized..this is the new.

Most of us were outside after the show..and I went up to Kai out of respect, and told him what I thought of the performance, he was pretty caught up battling a bunch of cats, but when he caught wind that Im a Victoria promoter, he handed me The  Shottas promo disc.. a purple burnable CD..with pen lettering. I will keep this forever..and likely sell it on EBay in 5 to 6 Years.


Now..before you get all twisted up, and start talking smack.. let me break this down for you.

This album is indy released..not on a market. Not on a label. This was recorded all by The Shottas and the production team. This is the result of a labor of love, and a dedication of MUSIC Minds..  basement studio style.

Kai and Atlin, are 20 years old. The albums main production contributers, Speechless and Ivan Townsend are 22 and 18.
Think about that.

This album is better then yours..but its not a threat. Its there for everyone to enjoy. And if you dont believe me.. let me pack another bowl, and break it down for you Track by Track.

I Am The V:

1. T- Minus (Produced by Ivan Townsend)

The sound of electric steel hits your ears..and you know youre in a another world. “We are now taking over your radiooo”.. The epicness of space, meeting with Kai’s energy is only equalled when Atlin delivers a verse that will have you rewinding it back just to catch what the fuck he said..No intro..just an awesome song and a perfect start to the album.
By now your weed should be setting in..youre ready. Hello people of Earth.

2. I Must Be Dreamin’ Feat. Anonymouz (Prod. by D-Rec)

D-Recs melodic sample base over bap drums brings The Shottas back to human form.. as they talk about some of the shortcomings they had coming up as youth..and wanting bigger and better things. Every vocal seems to blend sealmessly into the beat and if youre not quick enough you might find yourself deep in thought as well. Good conciousness with interesting lyrics.

3. Infinity (Prod. by D-Rec)

Its here you realize the CD you just copped isnt like any other..This is where Kai and Atlin show what it is they do
best..deliver powerful verses and powerful hooks. With a meaningful hook talking about the nonsense of cars and money,
Kai still playfully takes a quick jab at mainstream rappers ” Im making records, they struggle to pen 16’s.. Gun and
Money rap..I did that when I was 16″.. while Atlisounds goodn rides the fucking beat like he’s a trained assassin.. But hey..
“They aint never gonna get it”.

4. We Don’t Dance (Prod. by Speechless)

Everything about this song is misleading. The intro is confusing and bound to mess with your high.. Then the keys hit.. And you know youre in for it. You know youre about to bang your fucking head and start dancing like a retard. And The  Shottas know it..geniuses. Watch for the “We Dont Dance” to be the new “Superman” dance trend for now to 2013.

5. Parle (Prod. by Dior)

This one is strictly for the Rastas.. or at least those who smoke like them. The Reggae part of the RappaRockaReggae comes out heavy in this one..mixed with soulful Carribean samples courtesy of Dior, with Kai showcasing his range of eclectic tounges..real heads will honour this one.. Ladies will love it. And The Rastas will swear by it.

6. Mrs. Everything (Prod. by Ivan Townsend)

This one goes out to the beautiful lady Mary Jane. Atlins descriptions in his verse is nothing short of amazing, while both blend in perfectly to a soundscape provided by Ivan Townsends beautifully sampled Beatles classic “For No One”..
The horns will most likely have you looking down at your baggie with love in your eyes.. While the boys will remind even the biggest loudmouth politician of the first time he rolled something up with his friends..

7. On My Mind Feat. Misha-Q (Prod. by Speechless)

Its at this point the album slows a good way. Thanks to the captivating vocals of guest Misha-Q, who goes neck for neck with Kai, delivering a real feel good vibe.. its something to groove to..maybe turn on for your lady when she gets home..and youre laying there naked, like “what up Baby”… okay maybe not. But this is genuine freak music, and it comes at its best..because by now your weed is probably wearing off a little bit..and youre feeling too comfortable..and not ready for the backhand thats about to hit you in the good spot on your brain.

8. 2013 Interlude (Prod. by Speechless)

Roll it up..light it up..smoke it up. Youve got 43 seconds..

9. E2T (Prod. by Speechless)

The bassline hits..and you realize that youre still on a space voyage with aliens. With swanging guitars provided by Speechless, the albums major production contributer, Kai and Atlin come at you back and forth and prove to  you fully why they are forces to be reckoned with. Its here that they take you to the highest levels of mind trip, and if youre not hitting the repeat button, youre ready for more.

10. VanRock Soldiers (Prod. by Speechless)

This is what it would sound like if Damian Marley could deliver powerful raps.. Kai delivers a powerful reggae-based hook while Atlin basically describes exactly what a Shotta is overtop a gritty Speechless this point you should have 2 hands in the air..1 with a giant blunt, and the other with a gunfinger..

11. Crazy (Prod. by Speechless)

Its here that Kai shows his penmanship, delivering lines like “Im too nice what.. No If’s, And’s, and like white
women theres no Butts. Ha..just playing, I got love for white women, long as I dont let my mighty mites swimmin up in em”..
While Atlin delivers lines like “So I sustain, and play my cards..Do my hustle doubletime..quadruple my odds”..
This is a lyric fanatics attention.

12. V (Prod. by D-Rec)

D-Rec revisits the album one more time, as the 3 put together an awesome dedication to the city they call home.. Vancouver BC. Myself personally, not from Van.. but even Im puffing a ciggarette and throwing up my “V’s”.. rugged production mixed with smooth croonings of The Shottas.. good look. Couldve been the Olympic Anthem.

13. Run From Babylon (Prod. by Speechless)

Another dope Reggae overtone..with a subject Im sure most of us can relate to..the ever-lasting untrust in the Police Authority.. Shottas bring a consious minded song of our opposition and unification against “thugs with badges”, and make it enjoyable enough that you may just see your GrandMaMa dancing to it.. Hopefully not. But still a dope thing if she did.

14. Miss Hip Hop (Prod. by Speechless)

“I guess Hip Hop is the musical spokesperson for hustle”..Kai, Atlin, and Ivan Townsend give a strong dedication to Hip Hop itself..which yes, has been done..but not like this.. Its reallll refreshing to hear a song dedicated to our artform that isnt insulting it, or proclaiming that its not like it used to be.. Hip Hop is alive and well.. Large in thanks to these aliens from Vanrock. Awesome track.

15. RatRace (Prod. by Ivan Townsend)

Kai sets it off, running through the beat like he’s almost angry.. This is  music to fight to, but lets prefer you bust a b-boy stance..Atlin does the same thing, setting the tone keeping it upbeat and keeping everyone alert, while cleverishly depicting what we do as humans.. Kai comes back on the 3rd verse and keeps the energy going.. this ones a headbanger for sure.. “Fuck a Parental Advisory..I Know my Demograph..nukka!”..

16. Escape (Prod. by Speechless)

The mixing job on Escape is ridiculous..ridiculously good. The chorus is very call and response as Kai and Atlin trade verses back and forth to the temptations of the ladies..but not an insult track to the females at all. Girls and Boys are gonna love this equally, as Im sitting here wondering why the fuck this comes so LATE in the album.. (I find myself becoming angry at The Shottas right now.).. Without question, one of the dopest tracks on the album.

17. Student Teachers Feat./Prod. Matt Brevner

One of the best things about this album, is that the cameos are extremely limited..and when there is, it fucking counts.
Matt Brevner is very much in the same boat as The most likely one of the names youll be hearing on every radio station, music tv channel, and internet digitables in the WORLD.. Quote me.
This track is discussing very much that..the rise of whats about to come.. an omen. Not a threat.. a pretty much certified guarantee that they will always continue to make new music..and do bigger things. They are very much aware that they are young and new to the scene..and are equally aware that they make a lot better music then some of the vets. Fact.

18. Blessed (Prod. by Speechless)

If “I Am The V” was a rock show in the 80’s.. picture Blessed as the song where the artists sit down on chairs on the stage..and ask every person in the audience to flick their lighters in the air(Lynard Skynard style).. And so begins a song, with a lady belting out a power hook (Journey style)..and then electric guitars coming in..(Def Leppard Style).. while Kai and Atlin offer up verses that show what is real to them..what means some things out of life and where they are at..
The Shottas are RappaRockaReggae reincarnations of Bon Jovi. Youre damn right I just said that. haha.

By now.. your weed is fucking with you.

19. Space (Prod. by Speechless)

This is probably the one track I cant seem to figure out how to write about.. You ever just hear a song..and get that
feeling of why you love Hip Hop?..Why you spend so much time deeply involved in such a chaotic culture?.. Ever hear a song that makes you love what you do..whatever it is that you do? I can only share this song with YOU..and hope that whoever is reading this gets the same feeling..
And then thank The Shottas and Speechless for making a song that will remain with me for the rest of my days..


This album is not any release sites, as of press time. I encourage all of you who are not in region to catch a Shottas live show..
To email . Mail order. Demand the cd, and The Shottas to perform in your city..and your planet.


This weeks SBAD cartoon is delayed for technical reasons.. (aka Apos cant figure out the computer machine)

What Can I say..? Im fucking HIIIIIGHHH..

But I will say this: Fuck Solar. And Im glad someone hacked into your email accounts you fucking piece of shit. FUCK YOU!!

Ladies..gentlemen..Rasta’s..children..Aliens..Leaders of the Free World..Justin Bieber..

Here is your 7.

7. Danger Mouse and Jay- Z – “What More Can I Say (Grey Album Remix)

6. Ill Bill feat. Immortal Technique – “War is My Destiny”

5. Skillz feat. Freeway – “Dont Act Like You Dont Know”

4.  Gangstarr – “You Know My Steeze” (REST IN PEACE GURU)

3. Slug and Murs- `Woman Tonight`

2. Visionaries – “I Love Hip Hop“

And here it is.. Number 1. In many ways..

1. DoomTree – “Game Over“

I really do hope aliens never attack us.. and if they do..I hope they bring a bunch of pizza..and more weed.

Word Is Bond.

– The Jesus Shark

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