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Jesus Shark Vol. 5 – August24th 2010

When I take the Apos cape and underwear off, I start to find myself amazed about how much everyday things that I dont know. When I see friends working on a truck, and discussing the parts and bits that are damaged..I stand there just nodding my head. Like I know a god damn thing about rotater valves and engine cylinders.. When I see friends talking about health, and discussing proper nutrition and exercise..I stand there nodding my head. Like I have a fucking clue about dietary fiber and cutting down on transfats.. And when I see friends teaching or disciplining their children..I dont nod my head. i shake it. Because watching a parent at work, is nothing short of amazing. The entire idea of fatherhood strikes a fear in my belly..
My point being..Im scared by what i dont know. In fact the only 2 things that I have confidence in that I have knowledge of and are good at is Hip Hop and Fucking.. and Im sure theres a large core of participants in both that would flat out disagree with me..

If you talked to me 10 years ago.. you would know that the only thing I gave a flying shit about was putting together a dope rhyme. Thats it. I didnt care if I looked the best, didnt care if the chicks around me were feeling me, didnt care if I was making any money.. I just wanted to fuck your head up with a rhyme. Its been a long time since those days in the basement studio. These days when Im done a show, I walk right past the group of kids freestyling..because honestly I dont give a shit. When im done a show, Im not in Lah-Lah Land. Im concerned on making it home in time for a decent sleep, because tomorrow will come. And those bills need to be paid.
Im ignoring the 2am drunk texts from girls looking to meetup.. and when Im at a party, Im not slamming a 7 ounce shotglass of Rye.. nope, Im sitting with a friend discussing the texture of the creamy dill dressing were eating our corn chips with.

God dammit, Im becoming a man.. FUCK.

Lets just get this going.


First and foremost, let me give an ultimate shoutout to Arcane from KOTD. If you follow KOTD, then you know that after Hollohan lost his Canadian title to American battle rapper Thesaurus, there was a 16 man elimination competition called the Grand Prix, the winner would recieve a shot at the title against Thesaurus. Arcane was a heavy underdog from the beginning.., after clawing his way and barely edging out every opponet he faced including top tier names such as Charron and Loe Pesci.. Your boy Arcane stepped to the plate and faced off against the legendary Thesaurus.. and Ill let the vid speak the rest.

(Spoiler alert.. the titles back home in Canada, bitches)


Jeff Spec is name thats been widely known for years.. I think the one thing that impresses me the most about Jeff is his belief in that its good to be smart. A characteristic that youd be surprised (or not) to find is lacking in many cats with street cred. Point blank, he holds it down, and never runs out of creative juices.
Jeff just dropped an album entitled “Sneakerboxx”, and this is his lead video from it. “On My Feet”, a dedication to one of his sole-mates.. (get it?..zinggg) . Make sure you hit the links and grab yourself a copy of his album..youll be glad you did.


Matt Brevner..  I mentioned him in the last issue of Jesus Shark when I spoke of the rise of The Shottas.. That was months ago, and I still behind the statement that these 2 names are the future names of Canadian Hip Hop. I got flak for that, but the truth is the truth. Matt is a complete package.. he has the songwriting, the cadence and voice, and to back it he has a shrewd buisness edge that will land him ahead of the pack. Theres a lot of competition in the music biz, and I think sometimes us that are inside of it lose focus sometimes, and let other things get in the way of our sight to simply see, hear, and feel good music. We need to dead that shit.
Dont be threatened by B Sharp.. embrace it. Let it be..


When I started doing these blogs, the thing that I told myself is that it was never going to be a platform to brag of my own accomplishments or those of my friends.. it was meant to give a complete unbiased look at the events taking place in Canadian Hip Hop, and bring them some shine to people who may have not heard of them.
Pretty much everyone knows my history with The Scale Breakers.. you know how long me and Guy have known each other.. you know how much me and Subway try to piss each other off.. you know that I write every single lyric on their songs..(okay thats not true..), but point being Ive never mentioned them in the blog because I didnt want to look bias.. but when they got close to finishing their free debut album “Leftovers” they asked me I would give them a review, because they know that I try to be completely honest when it comes to music, and they know that I have no fear of telling them when theyre being assholes.
But when I took a listen to the advance copy of their album (set to be released September 3rd), something hit my ears that was nothing at all from what I expected..

The Scale Breakers – “Leftovers”

1. If You Don’t Know (Narrated by Blackie Jewels)

Prod. By Cityreal

Heavy horns and drums symbolize the New Jazz.. The Scale Breakers set it off in the form they have become most known for.. both telling it like it is with Subway killing it on the hook.

2. R.O.T.Y(Cuts By D-Rec)

Prod. By Ozziechan

Ozziechan destroyssss this beat.. SB trades up the hook.. at first I was pretty put off by the fact theyre even calling themselves rookies, until I realized that with this project, this is gonna be the first time that thousands hear about SB.. yes, I said thousands. Believe it.

3. Arrive

Prod. By Justin Brave

You know youve heard it..youve been on your Facebook and its posted to your wall. Even if you havent come out and admitted it, you thoroughly enjoy this song.. and whats not to enjoy. The boys put together a remarkable song over a Just B aka Justin Brave beat.. And just in case youve under a rock and havent heard it, heres the video:

4. My Ends (Feat. Marmalade Of Sweatshop Union)

Prod. By Kool Ace Ha

This is probably one of my favoriate joints off the album.. on a beat that reminds me very much of A Tribe Called Quest, the guys come with a theme, and while they wont admit it I feel every verse is a subliminal diss to people that wronged them in the past.. this is definitely a joint to chill and bump, while Marmalade from Pigeon Hole/Sweatshop makes a guest appearence to speak on the same theme.. overall an awesome song.

5. Skit 1

The funniest thing about the skit is the realism of it..the bickering with each other on a story that has them heading to an airport. I did actually laugh..by myself. Now i feel retarded..thanks guys.

6. Timing (Feat. “dEtAiL$”)

Prod. By Ozziechan

Fact 1: Ozziechan is my new favoriate beatsmith..(holler).. Fact 2: Each emcee rides the beat fluidly, as SB’s manager dEtAiL$ makes an appearence, and they discuss the finer aspects of timing in the Hip Hop game..a lesson to be learned if youre an up and comer

7. Get’Em (Feat. Konfidential, Snak The Ripper & Evil) (Cuts by DJ U-Tern)

Prod. By Stu Ray

A joint that the homie Konfidential dropped last summer, that features SB, and since has climbed up the ranks of every college radio as well as current rotation on MuchMusic. Theres nothing anybody can say about this one..its a certified banger. Check the video (with an small allstar cameo from the Jesus Shark himself).

8. She Wants My Money (Feat. Shottas & Matt Brevner)

Prod. & Cuts By D-Rec

This joint marks the first collab on the album from the more well known names from the B Sharp team.. Im feeling Subways different flow on this, as D-Rec provides a heavy summery reggae overtone on this as Kai’s gritty voice echoes on the hook and Atlin and Brevner both come storymode to the never ending saga of the gold diggers..

9. Listen Girl

Prod. By LoKeynote

LoKeynote murders the chops, Subway and Guy deliver real verses about the “vapours”.. and people coming around when youre on top.. honestly if I could say theres anything missing from this song, it would be one more verse from each..even splitting 8’s and adding more to the story.. The hook is so soulful and captivating that when the song ends, youre feeling like the story didnt get finished..but I guess in the story of 2 faced people, the story is not one that will ever end.

10. Skit 2

Still laughing.. assholes.

11. Fly (Feat. Atlin Of Shottas)

Prod. By Speechless

Oh weed.. you know this dedication was inevitable. Heavy reggae keys, while Sub and Atlin trade it back and forth while Guy comes in Guy form.. the love comes pouring out and you can practically hear him drooling on the mic thinking of the ganja.
This song is actually a free snippet release and you can download it here: http://thescalebreakers.bandcamp.com/

12. Chubby Chaser

Prod. By Subs DaMotto & Speechless

Another one of my favoriate joints from the album..a very futuristic headnodding and dance beat that steps outside the boundaries of usual SB form..mixing job is ridiculous. If you dont find this as banging as I do, youre gonna find it pretty fucking interesting.

13. They Tell Me (Feat. Chad Hatcher)

Prod. By Speechless

Chad Hatcher from Halflife and “Classified” fame makes an appearence and delivers a soulful hook, while this track may be the most thought provoking on the album, while the overlaying theme of the abum becomes clear.. The Scale Breakers are just trying to eat.. no mansions, no fancy cars..they just want to make rent. Something we can all relate to.

14 Go Get It (Feat. Shottas, Ivan Townsend & Ishkan)

Prod. By Ivan Townsend & Kai

I for one, am excited that Ivan Townsend made an appearence on this album..I believe he is in the same league as Shottas and Matt Brevner in ushering the new era of Canadian music,, Each emcee rides the beat perfectly, and the legendary Ishkan drops by which is effing awesome too. Solid track.

15 Meant To Be (Feat. Kyprios Of Sweatshop Union)

Prod. By Kool Ace Ha

Kool Ace murders the beat.. Subway and Kyprios murder the hook and sound perfect together, while guy throws one of my favoriate lyrics on the album.. ” Just because I didnt finish my Grade 12, I wont get a real good job that pays well.. Oh Well.”..  Kyp also lends a verse, not the BEST track on the album but so far one of my favs to listen to. Shake it.

16. Wake ‘N’ Bake/Get High (Feat. Aspect)

Prod. By Kool Ace Ha

The team revisits the ode to mary jane, as Aspect from the Absent Minds crew drops by and if youre listening to the album the whole way through as I am, this is likely the point where youd be feeling like rolling another one anyways.. perfect timing.

17. Godly

Prod. By LoKeynote

Guy told me that he had me in mind when he was writing his part of the song..and this is partially dedicated to me. Thats the ultimate props, and I thank you every much. That aside, this is a sick track, but not one I feel I can break down without bias. You be the judge.

18.Waiting (Feat. Kai of Shottas)

Prod. By Aspect

Hate me for it if you want, but Im not feeling this one.. not that there is anything wrong with it, the beat is sick..and so are the verses. But just find the theme to it, redundant. Dont get me wrong, this might be someones fav track from the album..just not mine.

19. Skit 3.

Stop it. lol. “Hiiii my name is Shylooooo”.. fuck haha.

20. Small Town Talent (Remix)

Prod. By Stu Ray

Stu Ray is a beast in EVERY way you can think of.. If you had the opportunity to see the vid and hear the single from Subways “On The Right Track” album, youll be pleased as shit with this remix, as Guy hops on and makes a dedication to Sooke Bc (where this Shark is sitting a half hour from right now), and Subway revisits his verse about “Brooks Alberta..a small shit town you probably never heard of”.. Both kill this beat, and likely one of my fav tracks on the album for many reasons..love it.

21. Tell Her (Remix Feat. Moka Only)

Prod. By Aspect

Aspect kills this remix, and this was actually released as a single and is still availabile on Itunes (cant find the link right now, if you have it please comment and reply with it so others can have access to it).. Moka Only and Guy it up and deliver a soulful and unique sound.

22. Free (Rock Remix)

Prod. By Stu Ray

Remember what i said about Stu Ray?.. Get familiar with him..he doesnt just make SICK videos, he provides an entire sound. Guy jumps on this remix as well and kills it.

23. Now You Know (Narrated by Blackie Jewels)

Prod. By Deezuz

A perfect end to the album..the guys trade back and forth describing each other and each others differences.. but ultimately tell why they mesh so well and form a perfect tag team.

Ahhhh..  you have no idea how hard that was for me.


The one thing I can honestly say.. is that “Leftovers” is just that.. these are tracks that are gonna be available for free download because they didnt quite make the REAL album, the upcoming “Food”..
If these “throwaway” tracks, are whats in store for the shape of things to come..  then I think were all in danger.
Guy, Subway.. we may argue too much in public, and god knows its been a long long mountain to climb.. but you put together a solid album, and Ill say this to you now before everyone has their copy, and youre way too famous to speak to someone that drinks sweat and wears Moose heads…
Love you guys..and words cant express how proud I am.
“LEFTOVERS”.. dropping September 3rd 2010. ” They raping everybody out here.. now run tell that.. Homeboy.”

Props to Speechless on the boards.


SBAD (Stop Being A Douchebag)


Soon to be the next big thing in Victoria Hip Hop.. hit the links and get familiar, I got the advanced copy of their album, and I cantr wait for it to drop.
They are opening for Murs live in Victoria at Element September 13th.. and Im hoping they will make a surprise guest cameo with me at Rifflandia 3.. (spoiler alert)..

My friends Vicious 5150 rom Vancouver and Skulastic from Nanaimo just dropped a FREE EP as well.. download it here. http://www.zshare.net/download/79447181dae711a8/

Dont forget to follow me on Twitter for random shit: twitter.com/themightyapos


Now here it is you ladies and fucks.

The 7.

7. Pigeon Hole – “Bonfire”

6. Nocando – “Hurry Up and Wait”

5. Cityreal feat. Wes Mackey – “Passing Me By”

4. Vinnie Paz ” Keep Moving On”

3. Onyx – “Ill Murder You”

2. Raekwon – “House Of Flying Daggers”

And your number 1 song thats in MY ipod..

You ready…?



1. Cee Lo – “Fuck You”


So once again..apologize for the lateness of the blog..

Album work.. my personal shows Ive been booked for..

And the fact that my balls are getting old.

But one thing that will never sway, is my love for Hip Hop. My appreciation for every single person Ive met on the way..and everyone that is even reading this. Thank you. One thing that I learned today is that yes we age.. but music.. good music does NOT..

Now.. where did I put my keys..? Fuck.

~ Jesus Shark

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