About Jesus Shark

The Mighty Apos aka Jesus Shark is a musician, show promoter and song writer based out of Victoria, BC Canada. Currently working on his debut HipHop album, Ketchup Sandwiches, Apos shares his views in this weekly whats-what in this world of music and cigarettes.

Apos is simply your everyday superhero.. a man of the people, fighting for what he believes to be right. Climbing through the ranks of Victoria B.C.’s local battle circuit, Apos quickly gained notoriety by saying what everyone was thinking, entertaining even the most stand off-ish of spectators. Displeased with the local Hip Hop shows he saw, he devised a plan with longtime friend Guy Woods.. and the outcome was Beer Money Entertainment. In one year, teamed with counterparts Subway and Cody The Catch.. Beer Money oversaw 60 shows all across Vancouver Island and the mainland, as well as a tour to Alberta and back, and Apos was quickly hearlded as a buisness mogul. For 2009, Apos has seen a constant incline of success, and in recent months has performed with and recieved accolades from such Hip Hop icons such as Mr. Lif, and the legendary Kool Keith. As well as winning the 2008 Van Isle open mic championship. Known primarily for his incredible live show performances, equal parts lyricsm and sheer humour..The Mighty Apos has embarked on his first solo LP titled “Ketchup Sandwiches“, an ode to childhood poverty, and living the rockstar life on a fastfood budget. With headknocking beats provided by Guy Woods, St Kelly, DJ D-Rec, DJ Moves and Metty The Dert Merchant from Sweatshop Union, the release has the anticipation of being another one of the NorthWest’s classics. “He’s neither Mighty..nor Jesus.. but he IS that voice in your head that is telling you that somethings not right

Ketchup Sandwiches” coming soon feat. Production from Guy Woods, St. Kelly, DJ Moves and Metty The Dert Merchant (Sweatshop Union). Spread the word!!

The Mighty Apos

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