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Jesus Shark Vol. 5 – August24th 2010

August 24, 2010 Leave a comment

When I take the Apos cape and underwear off, I start to find myself amazed about how much everyday things that I dont know. When I see friends working on a truck, and discussing the parts and bits that are damaged..I stand there just nodding my head. Like I know a god damn thing about rotater valves and engine cylinders.. When I see friends talking about health, and discussing proper nutrition and exercise..I stand there nodding my head. Like I have a fucking clue about dietary fiber and cutting down on transfats.. And when I see friends teaching or disciplining their children..I dont nod my head. i shake it. Because watching a parent at work, is nothing short of amazing. The entire idea of fatherhood strikes a fear in my belly..
My point being..Im scared by what i dont know. In fact the only 2 things that I have confidence in that I have knowledge of and are good at is Hip Hop and Fucking.. and Im sure theres a large core of participants in both that would flat out disagree with me..

If you talked to me 10 years ago.. you would know that the only thing I gave a flying shit about was putting together a dope rhyme. Thats it. I didnt care if I looked the best, didnt care if the chicks around me were feeling me, didnt care if I was making any money.. I just wanted to fuck your head up with a rhyme. Its been a long time since those days in the basement studio. These days when Im done a show, I walk right past the group of kids freestyling..because honestly I dont give a shit. When im done a show, Im not in Lah-Lah Land. Im concerned on making it home in time for a decent sleep, because tomorrow will come. And those bills need to be paid.
Im ignoring the 2am drunk texts from girls looking to meetup.. and when Im at a party, Im not slamming a 7 ounce shotglass of Rye.. nope, Im sitting with a friend discussing the texture of the creamy dill dressing were eating our corn chips with.

God dammit, Im becoming a man.. FUCK.

Lets just get this going.


First and foremost, let me give an ultimate shoutout to Arcane from KOTD. If you follow KOTD, then you know that after Hollohan lost his Canadian title to American battle rapper Thesaurus, there was a 16 man elimination competition called the Grand Prix, the winner would recieve a shot at the title against Thesaurus. Arcane was a heavy underdog from the beginning.., after clawing his way and barely edging out every opponet he faced including top tier names such as Charron and Loe Pesci.. Your boy Arcane stepped to the plate and faced off against the legendary Thesaurus.. and Ill let the vid speak the rest.

(Spoiler alert.. the titles back home in Canada, bitches)


Jeff Spec is name thats been widely known for years.. I think the one thing that impresses me the most about Jeff is his belief in that its good to be smart. A characteristic that youd be surprised (or not) to find is lacking in many cats with street cred. Point blank, he holds it down, and never runs out of creative juices.
Jeff just dropped an album entitled “Sneakerboxx”, and this is his lead video from it. “On My Feet”, a dedication to one of his sole-mates.. (get it?..zinggg) . Make sure you hit the links and grab yourself a copy of his album..youll be glad you did.


Matt Brevner..  I mentioned him in the last issue of Jesus Shark when I spoke of the rise of The Shottas.. That was months ago, and I still behind the statement that these 2 names are the future names of Canadian Hip Hop. I got flak for that, but the truth is the truth. Matt is a complete package.. he has the songwriting, the cadence and voice, and to back it he has a shrewd buisness edge that will land him ahead of the pack. Theres a lot of competition in the music biz, and I think sometimes us that are inside of it lose focus sometimes, and let other things get in the way of our sight to simply see, hear, and feel good music. We need to dead that shit.
Dont be threatened by B Sharp.. embrace it. Let it be..


When I started doing these blogs, the thing that I told myself is that it was never going to be a platform to brag of my own accomplishments or those of my friends.. it was meant to give a complete unbiased look at the events taking place in Canadian Hip Hop, and bring them some shine to people who may have not heard of them.
Pretty much everyone knows my history with The Scale Breakers.. you know how long me and Guy have known each other.. you know how much me and Subway try to piss each other off.. you know that I write every single lyric on their songs..(okay thats not true..), but point being Ive never mentioned them in the blog because I didnt want to look bias.. but when they got close to finishing their free debut album “Leftovers” they asked me I would give them a review, because they know that I try to be completely honest when it comes to music, and they know that I have no fear of telling them when theyre being assholes.
But when I took a listen to the advance copy of their album (set to be released September 3rd), something hit my ears that was nothing at all from what I expected..

The Scale Breakers – “Leftovers”

1. If You Don’t Know (Narrated by Blackie Jewels)

Prod. By Cityreal

Heavy horns and drums symbolize the New Jazz.. The Scale Breakers set it off in the form they have become most known for.. both telling it like it is with Subway killing it on the hook.

2. R.O.T.Y(Cuts By D-Rec)

Prod. By Ozziechan

Ozziechan destroyssss this beat.. SB trades up the hook.. at first I was pretty put off by the fact theyre even calling themselves rookies, until I realized that with this project, this is gonna be the first time that thousands hear about SB.. yes, I said thousands. Believe it.

3. Arrive

Prod. By Justin Brave

You know youve heard it..youve been on your Facebook and its posted to your wall. Even if you havent come out and admitted it, you thoroughly enjoy this song.. and whats not to enjoy. The boys put together a remarkable song over a Just B aka Justin Brave beat.. And just in case youve under a rock and havent heard it, heres the video:

4. My Ends (Feat. Marmalade Of Sweatshop Union)

Prod. By Kool Ace Ha

This is probably one of my favoriate joints off the album.. on a beat that reminds me very much of A Tribe Called Quest, the guys come with a theme, and while they wont admit it I feel every verse is a subliminal diss to people that wronged them in the past.. this is definitely a joint to chill and bump, while Marmalade from Pigeon Hole/Sweatshop makes a guest appearence to speak on the same theme.. overall an awesome song.

5. Skit 1

The funniest thing about the skit is the realism of it..the bickering with each other on a story that has them heading to an airport. I did actually myself. Now i feel retarded..thanks guys.

6. Timing (Feat. “dEtAiL$”)

Prod. By Ozziechan

Fact 1: Ozziechan is my new favoriate beatsmith..(holler).. Fact 2: Each emcee rides the beat fluidly, as SB’s manager dEtAiL$ makes an appearence, and they discuss the finer aspects of timing in the Hip Hop game..a lesson to be learned if youre an up and comer

7. Get’Em (Feat. Konfidential, Snak The Ripper & Evil) (Cuts by DJ U-Tern)

Prod. By Stu Ray

A joint that the homie Konfidential dropped last summer, that features SB, and since has climbed up the ranks of every college radio as well as current rotation on MuchMusic. Theres nothing anybody can say about this one..its a certified banger. Check the video (with an small allstar cameo from the Jesus Shark himself).

8. She Wants My Money (Feat. Shottas & Matt Brevner)

Prod. & Cuts By D-Rec

This joint marks the first collab on the album from the more well known names from the B Sharp team.. Im feeling Subways different flow on this, as D-Rec provides a heavy summery reggae overtone on this as Kai’s gritty voice echoes on the hook and Atlin and Brevner both come storymode to the never ending saga of the gold diggers..

9. Listen Girl

Prod. By LoKeynote

LoKeynote murders the chops, Subway and Guy deliver real verses about the “vapours”.. and people coming around when youre on top.. honestly if I could say theres anything missing from this song, it would be one more verse from each..even splitting 8’s and adding more to the story.. The hook is so soulful and captivating that when the song ends, youre feeling like the story didnt get finished..but I guess in the story of 2 faced people, the story is not one that will ever end.

10. Skit 2

Still laughing.. assholes.

11. Fly (Feat. Atlin Of Shottas)

Prod. By Speechless

Oh weed.. you know this dedication was inevitable. Heavy reggae keys, while Sub and Atlin trade it back and forth while Guy comes in Guy form.. the love comes pouring out and you can practically hear him drooling on the mic thinking of the ganja.
This song is actually a free snippet release and you can download it here:

12. Chubby Chaser

Prod. By Subs DaMotto & Speechless

Another one of my favoriate joints from the album..a very futuristic headnodding and dance beat that steps outside the boundaries of usual SB form..mixing job is ridiculous. If you dont find this as banging as I do, youre gonna find it pretty fucking interesting.

13. They Tell Me (Feat. Chad Hatcher)

Prod. By Speechless

Chad Hatcher from Halflife and “Classified” fame makes an appearence and delivers a soulful hook, while this track may be the most thought provoking on the album, while the overlaying theme of the abum becomes clear.. The Scale Breakers are just trying to eat.. no mansions, no fancy cars..they just want to make rent. Something we can all relate to.

14 Go Get It (Feat. Shottas, Ivan Townsend & Ishkan)

Prod. By Ivan Townsend & Kai

I for one, am excited that Ivan Townsend made an appearence on this album..I believe he is in the same league as Shottas and Matt Brevner in ushering the new era of Canadian music,, Each emcee rides the beat perfectly, and the legendary Ishkan drops by which is effing awesome too. Solid track.

15 Meant To Be (Feat. Kyprios Of Sweatshop Union)

Prod. By Kool Ace Ha

Kool Ace murders the beat.. Subway and Kyprios murder the hook and sound perfect together, while guy throws one of my favoriate lyrics on the album.. ” Just because I didnt finish my Grade 12, I wont get a real good job that pays well.. Oh Well.”..  Kyp also lends a verse, not the BEST track on the album but so far one of my favs to listen to. Shake it.

16. Wake ‘N’ Bake/Get High (Feat. Aspect)

Prod. By Kool Ace Ha

The team revisits the ode to mary jane, as Aspect from the Absent Minds crew drops by and if youre listening to the album the whole way through as I am, this is likely the point where youd be feeling like rolling another one anyways.. perfect timing.

17. Godly

Prod. By LoKeynote

Guy told me that he had me in mind when he was writing his part of the song..and this is partially dedicated to me. Thats the ultimate props, and I thank you every much. That aside, this is a sick track, but not one I feel I can break down without bias. You be the judge.

18.Waiting (Feat. Kai of Shottas)

Prod. By Aspect

Hate me for it if you want, but Im not feeling this one.. not that there is anything wrong with it, the beat is sick..and so are the verses. But just find the theme to it, redundant. Dont get me wrong, this might be someones fav track from the album..just not mine.

19. Skit 3.

Stop it. lol. “Hiiii my name is Shylooooo”.. fuck haha.

20. Small Town Talent (Remix)

Prod. By Stu Ray

Stu Ray is a beast in EVERY way you can think of.. If you had the opportunity to see the vid and hear the single from Subways “On The Right Track” album, youll be pleased as shit with this remix, as Guy hops on and makes a dedication to Sooke Bc (where this Shark is sitting a half hour from right now), and Subway revisits his verse about “Brooks Alberta..a small shit town you probably never heard of”.. Both kill this beat, and likely one of my fav tracks on the album for many it.

21. Tell Her (Remix Feat. Moka Only)

Prod. By Aspect

Aspect kills this remix, and this was actually released as a single and is still availabile on Itunes (cant find the link right now, if you have it please comment and reply with it so others can have access to it).. Moka Only and Guy it up and deliver a soulful and unique sound.

22. Free (Rock Remix)

Prod. By Stu Ray

Remember what i said about Stu Ray?.. Get familiar with him..he doesnt just make SICK videos, he provides an entire sound. Guy jumps on this remix as well and kills it.

23. Now You Know (Narrated by Blackie Jewels)

Prod. By Deezuz

A perfect end to the album..the guys trade back and forth describing each other and each others differences.. but ultimately tell why they mesh so well and form a perfect tag team.

Ahhhh..  you have no idea how hard that was for me.


The one thing I can honestly say.. is that “Leftovers” is just that.. these are tracks that are gonna be available for free download because they didnt quite make the REAL album, the upcoming “Food”..
If these “throwaway” tracks, are whats in store for the shape of things to come..  then I think were all in danger.
Guy, Subway.. we may argue too much in public, and god knows its been a long long mountain to climb.. but you put together a solid album, and Ill say this to you now before everyone has their copy, and youre way too famous to speak to someone that drinks sweat and wears Moose heads…
Love you guys..and words cant express how proud I am.
“LEFTOVERS”.. dropping September 3rd 2010. ” They raping everybody out here.. now run tell that.. Homeboy.”

Props to Speechless on the boards.


SBAD (Stop Being A Douchebag)


Soon to be the next big thing in Victoria Hip Hop.. hit the links and get familiar, I got the advanced copy of their album, and I cantr wait for it to drop.
They are opening for Murs live in Victoria at Element September 13th.. and Im hoping they will make a surprise guest cameo with me at Rifflandia 3.. (spoiler alert)..

My friends Vicious 5150 rom Vancouver and Skulastic from Nanaimo just dropped a FREE EP as well.. download it here.

Dont forget to follow me on Twitter for random shit:


Now here it is you ladies and fucks.

The 7.

7. Pigeon Hole – “Bonfire”

6. Nocando – “Hurry Up and Wait”

5. Cityreal feat. Wes Mackey – “Passing Me By”

4. Vinnie Paz ” Keep Moving On”

3. Onyx – “Ill Murder You”

2. Raekwon – “House Of Flying Daggers”

And your number 1 song thats in MY ipod..

You ready…?



1. Cee Lo – “Fuck You”


So once again..apologize for the lateness of the blog..

Album work.. my personal shows Ive been booked for..

And the fact that my balls are getting old.

But one thing that will never sway, is my love for Hip Hop. My appreciation for every single person Ive met on the way..and everyone that is even reading this. Thank you. One thing that I learned today is that yes we age.. but music.. good music does NOT..

Now.. where did I put my keys..? Fuck.

~ Jesus Shark

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Jesus Shark Vol.4 – May 15th 2010

May 15, 2010 1 comment

I am not a Weed person. Not to say I havent ever been.. I think most of my high school days consisted of getting blazed at lunch and heading to English class, where I spent most of my time laughing..By MYSELF. I even recall getting asked to leave a few classes because my clothes smelt like Weed. The thing with marijuana and me.. is that I go so off into my own world that I leave Earth. Everythings funny. And then when I realize Ive left Earth..I panic. Oh Weed..youre a beautiful scented bastard.

Marijuana and Hip Hop go hand in hand..actually in most music I should say. I dont think the foundation of Reggae and all its new 2k sub genres would even exist if Marijuana had not. But with Hip Hop, its a like a peace pipe. People smoke it at shows to let loose..often smoking it inside the venue to show support for the performers. The performers often smoke it outside to show love to the crowd. Whether Emcee/DJ/Producer/Graffer/Breaker.. almost all of these people will smoke Weed to help them create something. People often smoke it with each other, just as an offering of respect. Its a fact..people smoke it..and appreciate one another. And its not decriminalized.. Alcohol is somewhat legal..and probably a thriving force in EVERY MURDER EVER.. anyways..age-old debate.

I dont smoke the shit.. but I did tonight. Because this volumes theme is WEED.

Free Marc Emery. And get me a slurpee.


First things first.. let me give a HUGE shout out to my boy Konfidential. Kon has been making waves lately, performing all over BC with his partner-in-rhyme Skulastic.. rocking parties, and huge ass shows such as the Tech Nine festival  a few months ago in Black Creek. He was introduced to me a few years ago as a “grinder”, and I have never had any inclination that hes been anything else.
Konfidential just nailed a LANDMARK this week, for himself..his friends..and basically for Canadian Hip Hop as the video for his smash hit “Get Em” just landed rotation on MUCHMusic`s RapCity.. a dream we ALL have.

Peep the video here.. and then make sure you hit the request lines on MuchMusic to insure that this video STAYS playing, for every viewer in North America to enjoy..
“Get Em”- featuring Evil Ebeneazer, Scale Breakers, Snak The Ripper and DJ U-Tern.

Produced and Directed by Stuey Kubrick.


Unless youve been living under a rock for the last 8 years, or perhaps smoking some..Youve most indeed heard the name Emotionz come by. Whether it be from his high energy live performances, his fuel injected tracks, or maybe youre from Van and you came to check out a Monday Night Live (RIP).. Whatever have you, when you meet Emotionz, you dont forget Emotionz. Either from his mind altering beatbox loops, or just the fact hes like the nicest guy youll ever meet.
Dude is a beast..and one of VanCitys legends, a constant innovater, and a leader of the new free world. (Okay..the Weed is definitely starting to kick in..but seriously. If Aliens attacked our planet, Id vote Dave to lead the human resistance).

Check his new video from his latest album “Kush”. Produced by The Stylust.


And speaking of aliens.. how many of you guys are familiar with the lifeform Mickey D? Calling Earth city Vancouver his headquarters.. MD dropped an EP recently that I think is definitely worth a mention.
Combining his booming voice over his own superb production, MD brings about a storyline that if youre into Hip Hop with should take the time to check it out.
Hit the Itunes link muddatruckaz.



Im definitely feeling the connection of Rap and Weed..

I love my hometown of Victoria BC.. its beautiful. I can honestly say that during the summer, it is the best place on this planet to be.. Underneath it all is a society of people that thrive on Arts and Music. Its a place that many names call their hometown, such as Swollen Members..Nelly Furtardo..Steve Nash and countless others. The Hip Hop scene here is a bit tricky at times..but it is indeed alive and well.

Enter the Outright Cypher..

Outright started simply as 4 friends who decided to meet up weekly to spit each others new rhymes, freestyle about whatever they wanted.. and yes, to smoke the green stuff. A few years in its existence and it has grown into one of Victorias biggest Hip Hop movements, as every Wednesday behind Vic High School, you can catch anywhere from 20 to 30 people partaking in the scene..they do traditionaly..form a circle and pass the rhyme along. Something to be really respected in this dying age of human interactment, as it gives people a chance to bond..A chance to see others new rhymes..and a place for new comers to the city to come and express themselves and not have to worry about being battled out of the circle. Its also been a plank for this cities new talent to rise birth to such names as The Pocket Kings..IllanI..TBA..CFC.. and manyy others. I myself like to partake in this when Im availabile, its really refreshing to see the roots of Hip Hop still alive. Word Is Bond. (Fuck Id love to bring back that phrase.. in fact I may do so.. Back then, when you said word is bond..cats were like “okay..dude is serious”..Fuck it, Im bringing it

Theres a new video from my dudes Tokin and Aleph from TBA.. Id like yall to check it out, and please drop some comments
and get back to me..let me know what you think!

And dont be one of those clown ass rappers thats trying to see who directed it, or get a scowl on your face because you see someone local in the back of the video you dont like.. Stop being a fucking douchebag. Enjoy the music.



If youre an avid reader of the Jesus Shark..then you know that last issue I wrote some things about the group Broken Logic and their release “The Weed EP”.. Well it seems I know what the EFF Im talking about, because since then, even such sites as Grounded TV have been behind this release. Hit the link and get your copy of the EP:

And then watch this!


I met The Shottas about a year ago. I was invited to perform at an MNL in Vancouver by Dave “The Leader of the Free World” Nelson.. as usual there was 9 to 10 acts on the bill.. some included MD, Politic Live..Mishap and Phonickz.. and there was this glaring name on the flyer. Shottas. Now I wont lie to you people..I had never heard of these guys, and didnt even know what “Shottas” meant”. To me it was on some “Shotta Top Calla Balla” thing.. Pardon my ignorance.. I just simply didnt know.

I rolled to Vancouver in a truck driven by a lady friend who promptly stranded me in Van after she spotted making out with another lady at The Modern.. I was also in the raw end of a recent breakup with another lady.. My head was frazzled that month and I think it came out in my own performance that night.. Anyways-

I saw The Shottas take the stage..and I was taken back a bit.. 2 dudes in large afros..almost looked like brothers. I was seriously like “”.. and then they proceeded to deliver one of the most powerful performances Ive ever seen. Smooth..rugged. Entertaining. Never missing a beat..even when they played for the camera, and at one point Atlin was standing on top
of the bar with a crowd of ladies throwing their hands up to him..

And I realized..this is the new.

Most of us were outside after the show..and I went up to Kai out of respect, and told him what I thought of the performance, he was pretty caught up battling a bunch of cats, but when he caught wind that Im a Victoria promoter, he handed me The  Shottas promo disc.. a purple burnable CD..with pen lettering. I will keep this forever..and likely sell it on EBay in 5 to 6 Years.


Now..before you get all twisted up, and start talking smack.. let me break this down for you.

This album is indy released..not on a market. Not on a label. This was recorded all by The Shottas and the production team. This is the result of a labor of love, and a dedication of MUSIC Minds..  basement studio style.

Kai and Atlin, are 20 years old. The albums main production contributers, Speechless and Ivan Townsend are 22 and 18.
Think about that.

This album is better then yours..but its not a threat. Its there for everyone to enjoy. And if you dont believe me.. let me pack another bowl, and break it down for you Track by Track.

I Am The V:

1. T- Minus (Produced by Ivan Townsend)

The sound of electric steel hits your ears..and you know youre in a another world. “We are now taking over your radiooo”.. The epicness of space, meeting with Kai’s energy is only equalled when Atlin delivers a verse that will have you rewinding it back just to catch what the fuck he said..No intro..just an awesome song and a perfect start to the album.
By now your weed should be setting in..youre ready. Hello people of Earth.

2. I Must Be Dreamin’ Feat. Anonymouz (Prod. by D-Rec)

D-Recs melodic sample base over bap drums brings The Shottas back to human form.. as they talk about some of the shortcomings they had coming up as youth..and wanting bigger and better things. Every vocal seems to blend sealmessly into the beat and if youre not quick enough you might find yourself deep in thought as well. Good conciousness with interesting lyrics.

3. Infinity (Prod. by D-Rec)

Its here you realize the CD you just copped isnt like any other..This is where Kai and Atlin show what it is they do
best..deliver powerful verses and powerful hooks. With a meaningful hook talking about the nonsense of cars and money,
Kai still playfully takes a quick jab at mainstream rappers ” Im making records, they struggle to pen 16’s.. Gun and
Money rap..I did that when I was 16″.. while Atlisounds goodn rides the fucking beat like he’s a trained assassin.. But hey..
“They aint never gonna get it”.

4. We Don’t Dance (Prod. by Speechless)

Everything about this song is misleading. The intro is confusing and bound to mess with your high.. Then the keys hit.. And you know youre in for it. You know youre about to bang your fucking head and start dancing like a retard. And The  Shottas know it..geniuses. Watch for the “We Dont Dance” to be the new “Superman” dance trend for now to 2013.

5. Parle (Prod. by Dior)

This one is strictly for the Rastas.. or at least those who smoke like them. The Reggae part of the RappaRockaReggae comes out heavy in this one..mixed with soulful Carribean samples courtesy of Dior, with Kai showcasing his range of eclectic tounges..real heads will honour this one.. Ladies will love it. And The Rastas will swear by it.

6. Mrs. Everything (Prod. by Ivan Townsend)

This one goes out to the beautiful lady Mary Jane. Atlins descriptions in his verse is nothing short of amazing, while both blend in perfectly to a soundscape provided by Ivan Townsends beautifully sampled Beatles classic “For No One”..
The horns will most likely have you looking down at your baggie with love in your eyes.. While the boys will remind even the biggest loudmouth politician of the first time he rolled something up with his friends..

7. On My Mind Feat. Misha-Q (Prod. by Speechless)

Its at this point the album slows a good way. Thanks to the captivating vocals of guest Misha-Q, who goes neck for neck with Kai, delivering a real feel good vibe.. its something to groove to..maybe turn on for your lady when she gets home..and youre laying there naked, like “what up Baby”… okay maybe not. But this is genuine freak music, and it comes at its best..because by now your weed is probably wearing off a little bit..and youre feeling too comfortable..and not ready for the backhand thats about to hit you in the good spot on your brain.

8. 2013 Interlude (Prod. by Speechless)

Roll it up..light it up..smoke it up. Youve got 43 seconds..

9. E2T (Prod. by Speechless)

The bassline hits..and you realize that youre still on a space voyage with aliens. With swanging guitars provided by Speechless, the albums major production contributer, Kai and Atlin come at you back and forth and prove to  you fully why they are forces to be reckoned with. Its here that they take you to the highest levels of mind trip, and if youre not hitting the repeat button, youre ready for more.

10. VanRock Soldiers (Prod. by Speechless)

This is what it would sound like if Damian Marley could deliver powerful raps.. Kai delivers a powerful reggae-based hook while Atlin basically describes exactly what a Shotta is overtop a gritty Speechless this point you should have 2 hands in the air..1 with a giant blunt, and the other with a gunfinger..

11. Crazy (Prod. by Speechless)

Its here that Kai shows his penmanship, delivering lines like “Im too nice what.. No If’s, And’s, and like white
women theres no Butts. Ha..just playing, I got love for white women, long as I dont let my mighty mites swimmin up in em”..
While Atlin delivers lines like “So I sustain, and play my cards..Do my hustle doubletime..quadruple my odds”..
This is a lyric fanatics attention.

12. V (Prod. by D-Rec)

D-Rec revisits the album one more time, as the 3 put together an awesome dedication to the city they call home.. Vancouver BC. Myself personally, not from Van.. but even Im puffing a ciggarette and throwing up my “V’s”.. rugged production mixed with smooth croonings of The Shottas.. good look. Couldve been the Olympic Anthem.

13. Run From Babylon (Prod. by Speechless)

Another dope Reggae overtone..with a subject Im sure most of us can relate to..the ever-lasting untrust in the Police Authority.. Shottas bring a consious minded song of our opposition and unification against “thugs with badges”, and make it enjoyable enough that you may just see your GrandMaMa dancing to it.. Hopefully not. But still a dope thing if she did.

14. Miss Hip Hop (Prod. by Speechless)

“I guess Hip Hop is the musical spokesperson for hustle”..Kai, Atlin, and Ivan Townsend give a strong dedication to Hip Hop itself..which yes, has been done..but not like this.. Its reallll refreshing to hear a song dedicated to our artform that isnt insulting it, or proclaiming that its not like it used to be.. Hip Hop is alive and well.. Large in thanks to these aliens from Vanrock. Awesome track.

15. RatRace (Prod. by Ivan Townsend)

Kai sets it off, running through the beat like he’s almost angry.. This is  music to fight to, but lets prefer you bust a b-boy stance..Atlin does the same thing, setting the tone keeping it upbeat and keeping everyone alert, while cleverishly depicting what we do as humans.. Kai comes back on the 3rd verse and keeps the energy going.. this ones a headbanger for sure.. “Fuck a Parental Advisory..I Know my Demograph..nukka!”..

16. Escape (Prod. by Speechless)

The mixing job on Escape is ridiculous..ridiculously good. The chorus is very call and response as Kai and Atlin trade verses back and forth to the temptations of the ladies..but not an insult track to the females at all. Girls and Boys are gonna love this equally, as Im sitting here wondering why the fuck this comes so LATE in the album.. (I find myself becoming angry at The Shottas right now.).. Without question, one of the dopest tracks on the album.

17. Student Teachers Feat./Prod. Matt Brevner

One of the best things about this album, is that the cameos are extremely limited..and when there is, it fucking counts.
Matt Brevner is very much in the same boat as The most likely one of the names youll be hearing on every radio station, music tv channel, and internet digitables in the WORLD.. Quote me.
This track is discussing very much that..the rise of whats about to come.. an omen. Not a threat.. a pretty much certified guarantee that they will always continue to make new music..and do bigger things. They are very much aware that they are young and new to the scene..and are equally aware that they make a lot better music then some of the vets. Fact.

18. Blessed (Prod. by Speechless)

If “I Am The V” was a rock show in the 80’s.. picture Blessed as the song where the artists sit down on chairs on the stage..and ask every person in the audience to flick their lighters in the air(Lynard Skynard style).. And so begins a song, with a lady belting out a power hook (Journey style)..and then electric guitars coming in..(Def Leppard Style).. while Kai and Atlin offer up verses that show what is real to them..what means some things out of life and where they are at..
The Shottas are RappaRockaReggae reincarnations of Bon Jovi. Youre damn right I just said that. haha.

By now.. your weed is fucking with you.

19. Space (Prod. by Speechless)

This is probably the one track I cant seem to figure out how to write about.. You ever just hear a song..and get that
feeling of why you love Hip Hop?..Why you spend so much time deeply involved in such a chaotic culture?.. Ever hear a song that makes you love what you do..whatever it is that you do? I can only share this song with YOU..and hope that whoever is reading this gets the same feeling..
And then thank The Shottas and Speechless for making a song that will remain with me for the rest of my days..


This album is not any release sites, as of press time. I encourage all of you who are not in region to catch a Shottas live show..
To email . Mail order. Demand the cd, and The Shottas to perform in your city..and your planet.


This weeks SBAD cartoon is delayed for technical reasons.. (aka Apos cant figure out the computer machine)

What Can I say..? Im fucking HIIIIIGHHH..

But I will say this: Fuck Solar. And Im glad someone hacked into your email accounts you fucking piece of shit. FUCK YOU!!

Ladies..gentlemen..Rasta’s..children..Aliens..Leaders of the Free World..Justin Bieber..

Here is your 7.

7. Danger Mouse and Jay- Z – “What More Can I Say (Grey Album Remix)

6. Ill Bill feat. Immortal Technique – “War is My Destiny”

5. Skillz feat. Freeway – “Dont Act Like You Dont Know”

4.  Gangstarr – “You Know My Steeze” (REST IN PEACE GURU)

3. Slug and Murs- `Woman Tonight`

2. Visionaries – “I Love Hip Hop“

And here it is.. Number 1. In many ways..

1. DoomTree – “Game Over“

I really do hope aliens never attack us.. and if they do..I hope they bring a bunch of pizza..and more weed.

Word Is Bond.

– The Jesus Shark

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Vol.3 – April 2nd 2010.

Im fucking busy. Period. Capital Period. In between working on the album, calling out douchebags, and crunching out the details of my future..I come home to discuss film ideas with my production crew/roomates. I cant complain one bit, this is the life that I chose, and I greatly appreciate the team I have around me. But none the less, sometimes I just want to rip my shirt off, paint my face gold, and go running down the street and kick birds. Welcome to the life.

Its been a jampacked few much on my plate, and helping feed others is no easy task. But when youre born half jesus, and half shark. You gotta give back to the world. Ive hit that line where theres no turning back..this is it. Theres a lot I want to share in my own personal endeavours..but this blog is not about that, Its about shedding light on the lesser known areas of Canadian Hip Hop..its about letting you guys know whats happening. I was having trouble thinking how I could reach that balance..

So I decided..the best way to get away with self promotion, is to simply interview myself.

Jesus Shark on The Mighty Apos with 7 questions. SBAD.


1. “Apos..did your dumbass really drink a shotglass filled with sweat from Pressure’s shirt he performed in?”

Yes. And it was fucking disgusting..and hilarious. Hilltop Hoods is among or even THE biggest group(s) to ever come out of the Australian music scene.. with parts excellent production, thoughtful and sometimes humourous lyrics, and a raw passion of the purity of the Hip Hop game..Hilltop Hoods bring a live performance that is un-met by any other performer in the world. Period.

Meeting these cats was a definitely a monument to me.. Very grounded, very focused..and know how to have a good time.

Check and then .

And then treat yourself to the reading you just did, and watch how mad sexual cunts do it.


2. “Are you at all up to date with Fatt Matt and DJ Moves?”

Answer: Probably not. These guys are across the map with it, and giving my own analysis of it may be a bit futile. What I CAN say is..Ive had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Fatt Matt a few times, and he is one of the most  awesome and down to earth cats Ive had the opportunity to meet, bar none. His rugged delivery and intricate rhyme scheme shits on a lot of so called “lyricsts”..and thats on the real. In short..YOU dont put it together like Matt.

Moves is a legend in the game..and Im honoured to say he has a beat on my upcoming project..but one thing I can gather from if you dont KNOW Moves..dont TALK about Moves. All I can offer is some weblinks to his work..and even then I think I might be not even nearing the epicenter. I can feel his menacing glare right now..

Fatt Matt and DJ Moves paired up for an EP last year entilted “Rusty Hooks”..and they were generous enough to let
it be downloaded for FREE at

And released a highly creative video for the self titled single directed by Matt Reed.


3. “What the fuck is up with Langdon Auger..he’s one of the biggest stars out of Victoria??”

Visit . Langdon released the classic single “Island Nites in 2004”..gaining him rotation on Vancity’s 94.5.

Since then he did a productive amount of singles including a few albums.. One of which was 2009’s “InAugeration”.. Which featured one of MY favoriate Victoria anthems ( among others) “The Same Girl”..

For the “Oh Tenny Tenny”.. Augz released a FREE FREE FREE Ep for download featuring “Desperado” .. Cop it. Because if theres one I know for sure about Augz.. He’s got a trick up his sleeve..right next to the jiffy marker.


4. “Do You follow KOTD?”

I ABSOLUTELY  follow KOTD. Although given my region, I feel I have no right to even speak on KOTD.

“King Of The Dot ” is a league of rap battle championships based out of Ontario, and has grown to each coast of Canada, even hitting Vancouver, and involving names like Emotionz and Manik. Like I said, this is out of my league so I wont touch on it too much..but you should follow the website and youtube channel and watch the SHIT that is happening right now..Wow.

If you feel up-to-date, hit me favoriate thing in the world right now is sitting back with some food and watching what transpires in this battle infrastructure. Im serious..hit me up. Lets talk about our favoriate moments, and participants.

Just let it be known..this has been a CPR and a major staple to Canadian Hip  a whole.

In the meantime check out and take a day to bump it loud and fullscreen and sit back

5. “What should we be on the look-out for?”

Check out the homie Evil’s upcoming release ” Evil Eye”.. and hit He just released his first single ” Take me with you” produced by Stu Ray.This isnt the first time these guys paired up to unleash incredible music.. Some of you might be familiar with this :


Coming out of Calgary is an up and coming cat named Methix. Dude is a beast and taking things his own way and bringing back the “DIY” approach. He just released an ENTIRE album for FREE FREE FREE download, and you can recieve it quicker then it takes to even finish reading this sentence. And I suggest you do. Click and get an AMAZING album from front to back.. for FREE.


Out of Courtenay and Vancouver, comes a collective group under the name Broken Logic. These dudes are killing it lately and are set to release their first self-titled album. You can check the singles “Get out my Way” featuring The Shottas and The Scale Breakers, and ” No Gain” featuring RCThaHazard right here
Rex, Beyond and Ill Tone remind me of what its like when music is “good”.. rare case these days.

If youre looking for an interesting look at Hip Hop and the eclectic mix of song and graffiti culture, be sure to check out . And make sure you tune into “Sound Foundation” online radio show, hosted by DJ K-Flip. Real fresh sounds, and less talk and commercials..what a real Hip Hop station should sound like.

And one group Im really on the lookout for right now, is a group out of Ottawa, Ontario and currently touring across this great nation of ours.. Philly Moves. If you live in Canada..their coming to your city pretty quickly. Make sure you check them out.


6. “So what do you have coming up?”
6. “So what do you have coming up?”

Well Im glad you asked, Apos. April 7th I will be performing in Victoria with thee legendary Del The Funky Homosapien.. August 8th Im in Courtenay at The Avalanche with JB1, Mass 777, Skulastic and more. April 15th Im in Nelson BC with Emotionz and The GroundBreakers.. April 16th check us in Kamloops with The Ground Breakers, Philly Moves, SirReal and  The Ause Crew..and then April 17th were back to the island in Nanaimo with SirReal and Philly Moves..

I personally call it the “Because We Can” tour..

7. “Do you really think pretending to interview yourself is gonna compensate your shameless self-promotion?

Does it really fucking matter at this point.. ?

The “Fuck You” portion has been upgraded to “Stop Being a Douchebag”.. and now comes with its own cartoon
courtesy of Flo Corbett AKA The Apostle Fish.

Dont forget to cop your SBAD Gear!


And now ladies and fellers.. here is your 7.
7.  Joey Stylez – “Kool Runnin”


6.  Grouch and Eligh feat. Gift of Gab and Pigeon John – “All In”


5.  Son Real – “Who Am I”


4.  Styles Of Beyond – “Be Your Dog”


3.  Mr. Lif – “The Sun”


2. Tame One and Del The Funky Homosapien – “FlashBack”


and here it is..your Number 1. Courtesy of the grimiest cats in the world..
1. SlaughterHouse – “The One”.


There it is..dont forget to stay involved in The Make Music Project ( , and to keep supporting your local artists..

Its bigger then Hip Hop.

Im gonna go back to my workload..and be who I be. May you do the same.

~ The Jesus Shark.

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Vol.2 – Jan 29th 2010

January 30, 2010 Leave a comment

So once again I find myself involved in 30-40 projects.. none of which have the promise of being wrapped up soon. Im back to the 9 to 5, Im constantly tired from not eating properly.. and Im on the receiving end of brutal migranes which is probably from the alcohol consumption but I prefer to think its from yapping on the phone and squinting my eyes at text messages.. Im weathered, but I vow to get where Im going. Im a professional. Not too sure a professional what.. but a professional none the less.

Today’s theme is professionalism. Whats it mean to you? To me it means being structured, organized and dedicated to what it is you do. Some people claim its being “the boss”.. some might say its about being better then others.. but if you take a look at music today, you’ll likely notice that its the professionalism in how people conduct themselves that seperates the wolf from the coyotes.. or maybe the pack from the heard?.. Whatever.. it makes good look good from bad.

I had the pleasure of checking out the Sweatshop Union last week.. Been a fan for years.. have even met most of them in random spots, but never had the opportunity to catch a live performance. And Im glad that I did.. Sweatshop embodies one of the hypest live sets you could imagine. The passion of each ones delivery, combined with the collective energy they possess and feed off each other is nuts.. Hey guys, did you hear that girlie screaming from midfloor? Yep that was me.

What got me too about this night (well Im sure the shots of jager helped) was the opening acts.. Okay City was a new name to me, but not one Ill be forgetting anytime soon.. straight up they fucking killed it. And local boys Pocket Kings did a wicked job of setting the night off.. PK’s doing their thing. Consistent live performances with new sets each time.. Heard they might be doing their own tour soon.. Make sure you check for em.. And check this out, first single off “Unnatural Disaster”, shot by Darryl Lecraw.. (and featuring a hobo cameo by the Jesus Shark himself.. gimme my Oscar bitches).

All bias aside, I strongly urge everyone to check this out.. Anyone that knows Subways back story, and knows the effort that went into this can agree that this is a landmark for VI Hip Hop. Which rapper can say they didnt have dreams as a child of appearing on RapCity?.. This is good for ALL of us.

Professionalism.. Son Real is a cat I met a few years back.. he just dropped his album “The Stroll” and is touring like a mofawka. Check his first single:


Snak The Ripper has become one of the biggest things out of Vancouver since crystal meth and gang beatings.  He’s been all over the place, making a lasting impression wherever he goes.. and if you think its just because of his debauchery then you dont know much. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Snak, about life in the rap biz.. and his upcoming tour in Spain.

What up killa..? First and foremost how did you get the name “Snak”?

I changed my graffiti name for legal reasons in 2002. I decided on Snak cause I like the letters, and the placement in terms of over all structure. I always liked to write that shit all symmetrical. Keep my S and my A similar, and the N and the K similar. I’m baked. When I started rapping, I added ‘The Ripper’. It just seemed right.

Whats the story behind “Brass Tax”.. how did you guys form?

The three of us have been touring together for the past half year or some shit. We developed a wild fucking stage show together. I don’t know. I just work with people that grind as hard as me, and both these dudes are beasts. So while on the road we started recording ”The Outfit”, and dropped that shit for free on halloween. We just recorded the first single from the full length BT album.. the songs called ‘Waiting’. It’s not anything like any of us have ever done. Shit is crazy. All three of us have our own styles, methods and dynamics to offer to the artistic and business sides of Brass Tackz. Three is better than one. ADD US:

Congratulations on your upcoming tour in Spain..thats fucking sick. What do you look forward to the most while youre there?

Im just looking forward to going man. I don’t know what to expect. Im not even too excited. I won’t think about it till I’m at the airport. Then it’ll all hit me at once. I just can’t believe this shits gotten to a level where people all around the world know and like my music, and are willing to fly me to their country to see me perform. The shits crazy. Im gonna tear that place apart!

You and Sin better run with the bulls..and tape it.  What would you say is your favoriate song youve written/recorded?

It hasn’t been recorded yet! Im hella picky man, I’m never fully pleased with my songs after listening to them a few times. Some songs are good and some suck. It’s just the way it works. It keeps me hungry. I always try to one-up myself on my tracks. If I was pleased, my songs would be boring, cause I’d be lazy. Which I’d also like to add, YES, I did a song called ”Lazy”, but I asure you, with rap I am not. My favorites are the fan favorites. What’s Your fav Apos?

“Watch me Flex” is a certified banger.. but to me “No love” off the Fatt Snak record is a fucking anthem.. What kind of music do you listen to besides your own?

I listen to everything. Most of my time is spent listening to instrumentals. Im addicted to rap beats bad. I might need an intervention. I have so many bangers from so many talented producers. I don’t even know where to start. I listen to them while Im high off that nurple and this weird feeling comes over me. I like music. When you hear a song that gives you goosebumps.. that shits the best.

How much do you credit your internet networking and promotion to your success today?

The internet plays a large part in my career. I don’t add people on these sites. I let them add me, that way they know what they are getting into. It also prevents me from ‘spamming’ stuff to people that don’t want it. In the music business, I am a product, and I’m fully aware of that. I know my fan base, and what they like. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it! I think that having access to my fans and supporters is crucial. I value them, and their opinions on my content.
Lets chat! CLICK HERE:

Your shows are notorious for being off the wall.. What would you say is one of the craziest things youve seen at one of your shows?

I’v seen fights, people getting bottled, girls making out, bare boobies, crowd surfing, topless girls and dudes with anger in their eyes, beach balls, bouncy balls, Speakers on fire cause my verse was way too hot (seriously). I saw a girl clear the whole floor out cause her armpits smelt like week old burger king onions. That shits the worst, I couldn’t even concentrate on my lyrics cause it stunk so bad. Young Sin ran off stage to the washroom and got the bathroom butler to give him the axe body spray. He walked up to her and said ”use this shit!!” ahahha!

If you could work with any producer (still alive).. Who would it be?
I like working with producers. If you are a producer and got them bangers locked up, send em over to uncle Snakky and we’ll see what we can do. I like beats. Producers are my favorite people in the whole wide world.. if they are good that is.

When not writing, recording or performing.. what does a guy like Snak do in his spare time?

I like eating and sitting on my couch. Thats what I do after work. I have a 9-5 job, and its pretty chill. I been there long enough that I make a decent hourly wage, and really don’t do much work at all. Plus they are understanding towards my music career and offer me all the time I need for touring and shit. Its nice to have that freedom to come and go whenever I please. Most of my time at home is spent planning and organizing, setting up studio sessions, setting up shows and designing posters and album art. I keep busy.

Whats next in the career of Snak The Ripper.. what should we be on the lookout for?
Im not sure exactly what comes next. I’m just going to keep pushing and releasing new material. Tour as much as possible, and learn as much as I can about the business. I’v learned so much in the past six months, I can only imagine where I’l be at in the next year or so. As long as people continue to buy my music online, I’l continue to make new shit.



This weeks fuck you is directed at the douchebags.. in fact for those that follow me on Facebook know that me and a few others have devised an entire ” Stop Being A Douchebag” movement..(SBAD).

Fellow rappers who hate on other rappers because of show bookings.. for the people that refuse to come to shows for artists theyve never even heard.. for those that do come but just stand there and frown..

Youre a fucking douchebag. The only way were gonna raise the level of our scene is support.. you dont need to neccessarily like something for it to be good.. theres tons of local talent in each city in this nation.. Its beautiful and your negative comments and energy only takes away from your own enjoyment, and the motivation for struggling artists. If yopu come to my show and youre not happy? Ill return your money, and work harder. You come back a 2nd time and youre still frowning? Im charging double. Stop being a fucking douchebag. Fuck you.


And ladies and gentlemen.. here is your 7.

7. La Coka Nostra – “Thats Coke”

6. The Knux – “Cappucino”

5.  Royce the 5″9 – “Shake This”

4.  The Crest – “Heart Shaped Box”

3. Mac Lethal – “Black Widow Spider”

2. Akrobatik – “Step It Up”

And the number 1 joint in my Ipod right now..? Perfect to get high and drunk to and give a big middle finger to your ex..

1. Get Busy Commitee – “I Dont Care About You”

So thats it for this week.. I do apologize for the delay, but that will be the last hurdle ever.. Big thanks to everyone on board and we will be back in 2 weeks for a Valentines special, Jesus Shark vol.3.

Any ideas or questions, please hit me at

~The Jesus Shark

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Jesus Shark Vol. 1

November 22, 2009 Leave a comment
Welcome to The Jesus Shark.. a weekly editorial by yours truly, discussing news and events in the world of Canadian Hip Hop.

The format is easy..

1. INTRODUCTION~~ This is where I will tell you where my head is at coming into editorial.

2. NEWS AND EVENTS~~ Stuff Id like to discuss, and things taking place I feel you should know about.

3. ALBUM BREAKDOWN~~ I will take one album a week, usually one that has been submitted to me.. and break it down for you, on why I feel it is good. Or bad.

4. FUCK YOU~~ A short description of something or someone that pisses me off.

5. THE 7. ~~ 7 Songs that are currently getting play in my Ipod, that you should check out. Old, New.. whatevers clever.


Its wet out. Like stupid wet. Which is all too perfect right now, since I have a nasty habit of wearing my shoes to the bone, with tiny holes that flood my feet with the cold rain. And now that Im out during the day hitting the pavement trying to find work, lets just say it really sucks to be my feet right now.

Hometime is becoming less fun as well.. usually hours on the phone and net setting up different projects, and any downtime I get Im usually eating a sandwich, watching Family Guy and going through the hundreds of promo CD’s that people throw at me, and to be perfectly honest I give a listen to ALL of them.. always. Even the ones with looseleaf paper covers, and blank text on the CD. Which are 9 times out of 10 straight up garbage. (Note to Artists : Put some love into your promo CD’s for fuck sakes)


The Rugged Man tour was here on Thursday.. dope night from what I can recall, although both opening acts were performing minus a member ( Illypros and Brass Tackz). And Rugged almost seemed polite on stage, minus frequent stoppage to adjust the sound. But when youre a legend in the game like Rugz is, you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want and we’re still gonna cheer. Best part for me (and others I learned after) was him spitting his classic verse from the “Uncommon Valour” joint he did with Jedi Mind Tricks. Pleasent and unexpected surprise.

Theres a group out of Van that Im officially jumping on the bandwagon with.. The Shottas. I had the opportunity to share the stage with these guys last July in Vancouver at the Modern. MNL. (And by the way can we get a “big up” in here to the man Emotionz for holding down Monday Night Live every week.. seriously.. if you see this man, buy him a fucking beer..or 10.)

The Shottas are embarking on their full length release “I Am The V”.. and with their latest video release “Infinity”, produced by the homie D-Rec.. I think theyre about to set the bar for the rest of us. 2 Young boys with giant afros, splicing reggae/rock/rap with a deep space theme? If you get an opportunity to check their live performance, do it. They tear the stage to pieces.

I urge you all to check this out.

Its called The Make Music Project. Its a guild of willing artists working together to take back control of the music industry.. and funding youth co-ops in the process. Hit this link, do the homework, and report back to us in the morning.

Brass Tackz dropped their free album download last week, “The Outfit”.

And dont forget Young Sin of BT, also dropped his solo release. “Who I Am”
Shout outs to the boys Wordsmith and Gregory Rhymes, dropped their free EP download “For The Fuck Of It”.. featuring Apathy, Reef The lost Cauze, Eternia, King Magnetic and countless other heavyweights.. Say what you want about these boys, they are forces to be reckoned with when it comes to the rhyme game.

And big ups as well to the man Fortunato from Angerville.. this is one of his singles off his upcoming solo effort “Broken Bones Shattered Dreams”

Codyyyyy The Catch.. my good brother, what have you gotten yourself into this time? Its pretty known that Chuch Norris is a good friend of mine, so Ill keep all bias aside, and spare you the dealings of it. But it is also a touchy subject of police brutality.. and one that we should all be aware of. Did he deserve it? No. Did he act like a solid citizen? No. But we still urge you to take part in creating awareness of the age-old problem, of cops being dicks.

Id also like to announce me and Alektra Blue are getting married. Thats right boys.. stay the eff away from my wife.


Ive decided to skip this one for the week.. Id like to get my feet wet (no pun intended) before I royally piss someone off. But check next week as I will be discussing Subway’s “On The Right Track”.. recently re-released to Itunes.


This weeks FUCK YOU is pointed directly at “Facebook Chat”. How fucking annoying is this? You get on, you attempt to check your messages and what-have-you, and bing.. 2 people attempt to talk to you.. all using multiple sentences like ” Hey. How have you been stranger. Lol. Hows life. Lol. Everything okay. Lol. Lol. “.. And then the moment you get a chance to type something back.. you get this yellow and blue little pop up that says “sending”.. Seriously.. I like Facebook for its voyeurism.. It used to be, no one ever really knew if you were online or not.. you could go in and check your shit, and slip back offline like a fucking ninja. Now as I go on, the whole shit freezes. Fuck you Facebook Chat. Fuck Facebook too, really.

THE 7.

7. Eternia – “Evidence”
6. The Shottas – “Infinity”

5. Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys – “Empire State of Mind”

4. Eyedea & Abilities – “Smile”
3. Brass Tackz – “Find Out”
2. De La Soul feat. MF Doom – “Rock Co Kane Flow”
and The Number 1 Spot??

He’s back..

1. Chino XL- “Naaah”

So thats it. Let me know what you think, welcoming all suggestions and feedback.

Fuck Facebook Chat.

~The Mighty Apos